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Welcome to My blog! –Even though I don’t know why you are here~

About me

I’m a software engineer who is interested in consumer level high performance computer vision, neural network and machine learning. Click the link to view my curriculum vitae.
My tools include but not limited to: C/C++, Neon, OpenCL, CUDA, OpenMP, POSIX-Pthread, Torch7 and tensorflow etc.

  • Vim or Emacs: Vim
  • Tabs or spaces: spaces
  • Distro: Ubuntu and Latest macOS

About the blog

Be cool and being cool!

In daily life, sometimes or at some moments I feel that I’m a cool guy, these moments happen when my code works as expected or I make someone I care about happy.
But, being cool is difficult cause you have to always make your god damn compiler happy (which is ridiculous impossible) or always make your beloved happy (which looks even harder because I’m still single). :)

Being cool is an aim, it’s the life that I want.

So, I always have interests on open source projects and willing to contribute.

As I mentioned previously, I got a job, most of my code I cannot publish, however, I’ve always been considering to do something interesting during my spare time.

This blog serves as a record of my open source path. I’ll mark down some ideas that I think which would be helpful to others or valuable enough to be kept in record. Besides, I may do summarize about certain technical issues.


This blog will not be updated every day, if you happened to step into this page and found out that there’s nothing but a bunch of nonsense words, I’ll express my deepest sympathy to you and your time and say “You deserve it!” :)

Thanks to Github, thanks to Hexo and thanks to yilia theme.
You can find more information below:
Open your browser and type

$ www.google.com

Then, search
“Github”, or just click on the Github.
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“yilia”, or just click on the yilia.

Contact me

My e-mail is huyixuanhyx@gmail.com and you can find my facebook page at the left of the Home Page.

Finally, hope the music DJ Okawari - flower dance can delight you.



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